Monster of the Mountain III

Monster of the Mountain III
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Monster of the Mountain III is Epic

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Gribbon, who at this point had been trying to line up a definitive blow to the rapidly pivoting beast, ran forward and stabbed his sword into Ogandor's shoulder, with the great beast roaring in agitation. Gribbon was still bearing his sword into the creature's arm when it grasped him with both hands and dashed him into the ground with such force that the immediate area shuddered, causing snow on some nearby rocks to fall. Then, with the absolute zenith of its strength, the mighty monster punched down onto Gribbon's incapacitated body, letting out a loud grunt with the sheer force of it all.

It was in this moment that Shoruk let out a primal roar of his own. Surging forth, Shoruk leapt up and flew through the air before plunging the full length of his sword through Ogandor's throat, who had just turned in his direction. The great beast fell back as if to draw away from the sword, which Shoruk still clenched tightly in his hands. With the giant creature landing on its back, Shoruk was thrown forward past the creature's head. The snow monster climbed back to its feet, but the sword had completely severed its arteries and airway. The mighty beast fell to its knees, clutching at the foreign object that seemed to be making it hard to move.

Then, with a strained groan, Ogandor toppled onto his side and hit the ground with a heavy thud. With the beast's final breath, a green essence drifted from its eyes and started to swirl around Shoruk's sword, as though it were imparting itself upon the weapon. Then, as Shoruk looked on, the colossal beast's eyes went dim and it died upon the blood-stained snow. Shoruk had defeated Ogandor, the great snow monster of Haeylon!

"Shoruk?" came a labored voice from close by. Awoken from his state of awe, Shoruk rushed over to find the mortally wounded Nosk lying upon the ground, bleeding his last onto the white cliffside.

"What happened? Is it dead?" asked Nosk, quietly.

"Yes. It is dead. Perhaps if you fought as you normally do, then the beast could have been killed sooner!" said Shoruk jokingly as he knelt beside his crippled friend.

"Perhaps if you had moved a little quicker, I could have kept my edge in its sheath!" jeered Nosk with a weak smile. After a coughing fit, Nosk looked up at his captain.

"Speak well of us, Shoruk. Speak well of our companions who... were lost here... on this day!"

"You know with certainty, Nosk, that your legend will be firmly established by my voice. I will always tell of those who gave their all against this mighty foe."

Nosk nodded weakly, a look of pride in his gaze, before he closed his eyes and slipped quietly away from life. His trusted companion of many years, Shoruk took Nosk's sword and placed it upon his fallen friend, his heart quickly filling with sorrow.

It was a long while before Shoruk turned his attention back to the beast. Walking over, he pulled his sword from Ogandor's throat and watched as it started to impart a distinct green glow. Then he noticed that Nosk's sword had also started to impart the same glow, as well as two other swords that lay scattered nearby. Shoruk marveled at the strange phenomenon, having only seen an energetically imbued weapon on two other occasions.

Then, turning to face the now deceased white creature that lay before him, Shoruk hacked the two huge fangs that hung from its top jaw.

He wanted the fangs as irrefutable proof of how his sword, as well as the others just like it, came to have this strange new aura emanating from them. He also wanted proof for the story he'd tell of his companions and how they gave their lives in the battle against the mighty monster of the mountain.