Mists of Deception

Mists of Deception
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Mists of Deception is Legendary

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Causes nearby enemies to attack each other for 20 seconds (5 uses)

Alchemy, conjuration, enchanting...all of these subjects needed the utmost focus if you were to meet the standards required to continue as a student at the Arcane university.

Having procured the likes of Mendthar the great, the renowned Fisda Zern and the infamous Sentinel Erridrus, to study at the university was a privilege.

Young Harpot did not want to squander this opportunity.

He studied intently and became the top of his class alongside another student named Arkor.

When a rivalry flared between the two devoted students, Harpot developed a potion that caused severe hallucinations which he intended on using on his nemesis, Arkor.

The details of how Harpot used the potion are unknown but when Arkor showed up for a lecture yelling about spirits tormenting him, he was promptly removed from the university indefinitely.

Publicly humiliated, Arkor became a cold and malicious individual who continued to pursue his study in the arcane on his own terms...