Meridian Wax

Meridian Wax

Meridian Wax is Mythical

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Akin to a varnish, wood wax is used to create a durable, protective finish on wood.

When given a light coating, the entire surface of a wooden object is shielded from the elements, and it holds the colour of the wood for a long time.

The difference between Meridian Wax and regular wood wax is that Meridian Wax also affects an items energetic charge by locking in and amplifying the charge by a considerable magnitude.

However, due to the scarcity of the Meridian shrub from which the wax is extracted combined with the exceptionally low yield that the shrub offers, this hard to obtain wax is seldom used on anything but the most prestigious wooden artifacts.

For those who have the patience to harvest Meridian Wax, the payoff is quite lucrative with some indulging in the practice for a number of years to 'set themselves up' before going on to pursue less tedious endeavours.