Mark of the True

Mark of the True
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Mark of the True is Legendary

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+10% melee damage

On the Isle of Mulfiddich, royalty is protected by an elite group of highly trained guards called 'The Paragon'.

Individuals who pass the rigorous physical trials to become a Paragon member are drafted into a two-year long training regiment that refines every skill a warrior needs to be an effective, top tier guardian.

Once they have finished the two years of training, members are inducted into the Paragon with a confirmation to pledge themselves, wholly, for the duration of their service.

In acknowledgement of their pledge, each new member is given an exquisite golden ring called the 'Mark of the True' which hosts a fiery seastone in its midst.

Those adorning the Mark are held in very high esteem, even beyond the lands of Mulfiddich.