Krong'Oul's Last End Conductor

Krong'Oul's Last End Conductor
Longbow - Ranged
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Krong'Oul's Last End Conductor is Transcendent

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5% attack speed, 5% chance for Critical Hit

Krong'Oul was at his last end.

He had no family, there was no work in the town and he had no material possessions to his name other than the plain clothes on his body.

Often seen around town, he was known for two things.

Firstly, for often saying 'Good times never last' and secondly, for always being jovial and friendly in manner.

One evening, Krong was walking down a deserted alley when he noticed a large sack, tied at one end with a rope, laying on the ground.

Krong approached to inspect the sack and saw that it had obviously fallen off the back of a wagon.

After struggling momentarily to undo the knot in the rope, Krong opened the sack and stared, wide eyed, at a number of bows of superlative craftsmanship with a curious pink glow radiating from them.

Although not being knowledgable with weapons, Krong knew these bows were a treasure of immense value.

Right at that moment a gruff voice yelled out 'Who goes there?!', to which Krong looked up and saw a guard staring into the quiet alley.

Krong, not wanting to lose this treasure, conducted himself in a cool manner and explained politely that he was just loading up his wagon.

The guard grunted before slowly walking off.

Krong then set about transferring the bows to a safe place before going on to sell them for a great fortune indeed.

With his complete change of circumstances, Krong'Oul had seen the last of hard times trying to make ends meet!