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Jack-O-Bombs is Epic

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Launches a barrage of incendiary grenades, dealing 800 damage each (3 uses)

When a group of halloween-loving engineers get together, one can only expect for some rather frightening creations to be born, and in this particular case, that's exactly what happened.

Some say bomb making is an art, and most tend to agree, but over the course of it's existence, the design of the spherical explosive known as the grenade, has never really been altered, but these particular engineers set out to change just that.

In the spirit of Halloween, they decided to create a grenade in the shape of the notorious jack-o-lantern, but how does one carve a spooky face into a highly combustible device such as this? The answer of how, has never been disclosed, but they managed to achieve the incredible feat nonetheless.

These ruthless incendiary grenades not only look terrifying, but they pack a heavy punch as well. With a radial blast, larger, and more powerful than most in it's class, the Jack-O-Bombs will surely have your enemies ducking for cover!