Sword - One-Handed
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Ironfang is Legendary

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+5% damage, +5% attack speed

This striking dagger has been called many names throughout it's history. Whether it's the karma crusader, the butcher of man, or slayer of kings, it's origins cannot be denied; it's the Ironfang.

Considered to be the single most desired piece of weaponry among elite assassins, this masterfully forged blade was specifically designed with quickness in mind. Discrete, aerodynamic, and light as a feather, some have called the Ironfang, absolute perfection.

Nothing cuts like a diamond, and the creator of the Ironfang knew this very well, which is why he made sure to incorporate them into his design. By encrusting diamond shards onto the edges of this dual-bladed masterpiece, not only did the Ironfang become one of the sharpest daggers in the world, but it's durability also increased tremendously.

With Qualities this superb, it's no wonder everybody's on the hunt to obtain one of their own!