Idol of the Damned

Idol of the Damned
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Idol of the Damned is Rare

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-40% Incoming Damage, up to 2000 damage

Contrary to popular belief, even the most diabolical of beings, will often participate in ceremonial procedures of death. A way of honoring their fallen soldiers, for carrying out a life of unholy horrors, against the enemy.

Commonly buried amongst the dead, are miniature, dark idols; effigies of evil. Ominous figurines of hardened clay, with unknown purpose. What do these creations represent? What is their true purpose? Studying these idols, in order to obtain such information, is nearly impossible, as very few have ever managed to escape the petrifying world, below.

What we do know, is that malicious creatures of the underworld, rarely do anything, without purpose, and therefore, there's a very good chance that these terrifying ceramic figures, aren't as harmless as they appear...