Hydrosphere Ring

Hydrosphere Ring
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Hydrosphere Ring is Legendary

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Creates a water barrier around the player, absorbing 70% of damage for 45 seconds (2 uses)

The Isle of Vheysporn is widely known for being a hub of innovation, where some of the most skilled alchemists, blacksmiths, and practitioners of magic, reside.

Wanting to come up with a way to protect himself against sea creatures, Oscar Godden, a local fisherman, thought of an idea that would harnass the power of water, and use it as a shield to repel attacks. Although Oscar believed that this idea would not be possible in reality, his wife thought otherwise, and proceeded to contact local professionals.

Much to Oscar's surprise, Merle Hemlock, the most powerful sorcerer in Vheysporn, agreed with Merle's wife, and considered it genius. Merle spent the next few months, along with fellow blacksmiths, developing a piece of jewelry that would bring this idea to fruition, thus creating the Hydrosphere Ring.