Howler's Wrath

Howler's Wrath
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Howler's Wrath is Epic

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Blocks 100% of damage from attacks in front of you for 3s

A colossal monstrosity, a nightmare of the shadows, the Howler was a towering beast, with an insatiably violent hunger.

Summoned on behalf of Darthrauka by powerful conjurers of the underworld, this molevolent force was born and bred for the sole purpose of protection; a personal bodyguard to the ruler of darkness himself. Where Darthrauka went, the Howler followed, reigning terror on those who dare challenge its diabolical leader.

However, even the overlord of the underworld must pay their debts, and Darthrauka was about to find out what happens when you don't honor your agreements. Long story short, the conjurers would attempt to imprison Darthrauka in a mystical ring, the howler would leap in front of the attack, and would instead become trapped itself. Darthrauka kills sorcerers, the end.

Although bound and imprisoned within this infamous band, it is said that those who don it, claim to experience a mysterious sense of otherworldly protection. Let's just hope the Howler doesn't manage to find its way out!