Horn of Glacion

Horn of Glacion

Horn of Glacion is Legendary

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Fierce, cunning, and supremely dangerous, the immortal being known as Glacion, is a cold-blooded creature of nightmares, who's sure to hold the top spot among quite a variety of different naughty lists.

Said to reside in a cave located on the northern outskirts of Ayorke, Glacion lives a simple, yet vengeful life, and in his words, will stop at nothing in order to take Santa, and his obnoxiously jolly attitude, down.

Slaying Glacion won't be easy, but it's definitely possible. Just don't expect him to stay dead for very long. Obtaining one of his horns fully intact however, will be a challenge, as their fragile nature rarely allows for any sort of preservation, especially after a long and grueling battle.

If you do manage to grab a hold of one, Santa may very well be in the market for a trophy of his most famous of nemeses.