Holy Remedy

Holy Remedy
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Holy Remedy is Epic

605 circulating

Passively heals you for 300 health, when your health drops below 500, and eliminates all active negative effects (5 uses)

The Monks of Bhrim had a problem on their hands. Queen Serpentina was a tyrant, and something had to be done. After a decade of oppression inflicted on the people of Bhrim, at the hands of Serpentina, the monks finally came up with a solution.

Queen Serpentina wasn't always evil, and everybody knew this. It was clear that she had been maliciously cursed, to inact on behalf of the Order of Shadows. The monks suspected that if she could be turned evil, then there must be a way to reverse the curse, and bring Princess Olivia back.

After several failed attempts, and the lives of many monks being lost in the process, a remedy was born. Serpetina was incredibly intelligent, and due to her suspicions that somebody would try and poison her, she made sure to have a servant take a sip of her drink before every meal. However, as this secret remedy wasn't a form of poison, it would have no effect on the servant, and thus, the plan was set in motion.

After coordination with Serpentina's cooking staff, the remedy was mixed into her drink. Seeing as her servant was exhibiting no signs of poison, Serpentina proceeded to take a sip from her chalice. Immediately upon consumption, a dark essense would appear to leave her body, vanquishing the curse, and returning Princess Olivia back to normal.