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Helixir is Legendary

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75% of all damage taken, is converted to healing for 10 seconds (3 uses)

Surrounded by the vast body of water known as the Messantic Ocean, the island of Ayorke is home to some of the greatest minds in the world of alchemy, and for very good reason.

Having created a potent brew with the ability to reverse the effects of a deteriorating life force, the mysterious group of chemists known as the Alchemaic Society, had produced a concoction unlike anything the world had ever seen.

Using a mixture of fresh water from the blessed Ayorke springs, along with the filtered venom of a northern necrotoad, this distinctively intoxicating blend required one final ingredient in order to work; magic.

An elixir this powerful could never be produced naturally, and the secret society knew this very well, and so they called in an expert. The almighty Zaros spent months, conjuring spell, after spell, after spell, but to no avail.

Zaros had exhausted all known methods of enchantment, but still had one last idea lingering in the back of his mind. The Vials of Helix had been imbued with ancient magic for centuries, and although he didn't have many, and they couldn't be reproduced, he thought that they may very well do the trick, and indeed they did.

As the marvelous mixture poured into the vials, an immediate reaction took place, binding together the ingredients like threads of a rope, and activating one of the most powerful potions to have ever existed.