Guardian Chestplate

Guardian Chestplate
Armor - Chestplate
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Guardian Chestplate is Legendary

Unlimited supply

Guardian Chestplate - Part of the Guardian Armor set

An elite group of skilled warriors, known for their unorthodox defensive tactics, and sturdy armor, the Guardians were one of the most feared forces to ever exist.

With the land of Bron in a full-scale war against the isle of Oskk, King Renier felt it was time to call for reinforcements. Brutally fierce, and relentless in combat, the Guardians would appear to be the perfect candidates to help give him the upper hand, but they wouldn't come cheap.

Mercenaries like the Guardians were considered soldiers of fortune; fighting for whichever side would most make it worth their while, and if Renier wanted to procure their services, it was going to cost him. The two parties would eventually came to terms following a negotiation that would grant full ownership of the Oskk isle to the Guardians themselves, making way for a monumental clash of nations.

Equipped with their distinctive, and highly protective armor, the Guardians began to advance towards Oskk with assured victory in mind, but they were in for a surprise. The Islanders of Oskk were well prepared for any onslaught that may come their way, and had strategically devised a trap to help deal with the next wave of attacks.

Being an island surrounded by water, the Oskkians knew that Renier's army would be forced to travel via sea if they planned on invading their territory, so they let them do just that. As the Oskk fighters began to slowly retreat, they gave off the impression of surrender, but in reality, it was all one big ruse.

As the Oskkians pulled back, the Guardians proceeded forward in pursuit, convinced that victory was near. As they arrived near the shores of Oskk, they quickly hopped off their ships, and into the shallow water, charging towards the land with swords drawn in spectacular fashion. Awaiting their arrival at shore, was a solitary man, but not just any individual, a divine conjurer known as Zaros.

Guardian Armor may be exceptionally resilient when it comes to absorbing the strikes of a blade, or preventing the penetration of arrows, but when it comes to magical attacks, it's rather unremarkable, and the guardians were in for a shock, quite literally.

While thousands of Guardian's sprinted towards the shore, Zaros unleashed a ferocious spell, darkening the skies, and striking the sea with thunderous bolts of lightning. One by one the Guardians fell, as the fatal electrical charge flow through their suits, leaving behind an ocean of floating metal. As the darkened skies grew, so started the storm, which would eventually scatter the armor, along with the slain guardians, into the vastness of the great sea.