Gradeim Pumpkin

Gradeim Pumpkin
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Gradeim Pumpkin is Legendary

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+100 health and +1200 energy (5 uses)

Once present throughout most lands, this versatile red pumpkin was a staple across a multitude of cultural cuisines until it was reduced to the verge of extinction after a disease they called the 'Rot Blight' became prevalent during the fifth era.

Though the disease seems to have vanished long ago, it is comparatively somewhat of a scarcity in this day and age.

Despite this, the Gradeim Pumpkin is still heralded as an iconic 'table vegetable', symbolic of a well-stocked and homely abode.

This vegetable's vitality-boosting properties are well known and are included, every so often, in the diets of those wealthy enough to afford them.