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Goosebumpers is Epic

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Place a mushroom, -30% movement speed to nearby enemies for 3s, and poisons them (10 uses)

Grown in the region of Deathmire, deep within the depths of the underworld, these mushroom-like organisms are as fascinating, as they are deadly.

Infused with a deadly toxin, Goosebumpers are widely known for the immediate onset fatigue they induce, but more so, for their devastatingly poisonous effects, where It is said that a single drop of it's inner fluids, is enough to take down a god.

For safety reasons, these noxious spores are contained within an imbued, and miniature, clay cauldron, as without, would make for an unpleasantly blood-curdling, experience.

Combatant's beware, you're in for a scare!