Goodman Goggles

Goodman Goggles
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Goodman Goggles is Rare

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Conjures a beam, dealing 1078 damage, over 3s

Respectably named after it's founder 'Morris Goodman', Goodman Goggles are just one of the many inventions that the late scientist created for this world.

Deeply fascinated by the ancient relics scattered throughout Lunaria, Morris became determined to forge a new path in harnessing the power of magic. Drawing upon his extensive knowledge of Lunarian lore and his unparalleled expertise, he embarked on a journey to create an artifact that could channel and manipulate the essence of mystical energies.

Morris retreated to his laboratory and tirelessly worked to bring the goggles to life. He blended his knowledge of mechanical engineering and arcane principles, meticulously crafting each intricate component. Through countless experiments and sleepless nights, he finally succeeded in creating a pair of goggles that harnessed the essence of light magic.

The Goodman Goggles possessed the ability to channel and focus radiant energy. With a mere thought and a simple gesture, the wearer could unleash a devastating beam of light, capable of decimating foes and piercing through even the most formidable defenses. This extraordinary invention left all who witnessed its power in awe.