Gold Crumbs

Gold Crumbs
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Found in north Emenire and producing a hardwood that is denser then that of the Elden Oak, the towering 'Gold Oak' tree's, also known as 'King's Oak', can grow to a staggering height of over 400 feet.

The timber of the Gold Oak is highly sought after by bowyers and axe smiths alike though only the richest will buy the timber as felling these trees are a laborious endeavour and therefore costly.

Aside from the timber, the cambium layer from the Gold Oak can be stripped, dried and ground into a fine sediment.

Although called 'Sun Shimmer' in North Emenire, the sediment is more commonly known as 'Gold Crumbs' due to its sparkly, crumb like appearance and is a constituent used in making speciality culinary dishes.

The infamous Gold Loaf bread is made using this desiderate ingredient.