Glint of Asperity

Glint of Asperity
Sword - One-Handed
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Glint of Asperity is Epic

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10% chance to cause Bleed

Surep was a good man who worked hard alongside his father, Soroh, on the family farm.

When a noble offered to buy the farm, Soroh politely declined, much to the irritation of the noble.

After a time the noble came back with a more generous offer, but once again Soroh refused to sell.

The noble resorted to insulting the old farmer at which stage Surep interjected and escorted the noble off the farm.

Surep pulled his costly dagger from its sheath when the noble came back a third time threatening to have the family killed.

Shortly after, the sunlight glinted from the dagger as Surep wiped the noble's blood from the blade.