Gilded Nobility Medallion

Gilded Nobility Medallion is Mythical

144 of 146 remaining

Grants shiny title upon inspection

The Gilded Nobility Medallion is a rare artifact forged in the heart of Lunaria, imbued with the essence of noble achievements across the realms. Crafted by the skilled artisans who honor the valor and dedication of adventurers, this medallion serves as a key to the exclusive realm of titles, unlocking the latent prestige within those who dare to explore the lands.

As players inspect the medallion, its magical aura reveals a random shiny title, forever intertwining the wearer's legacy with the tales woven into the fabric of Lunarian history.

Shiny Title Odds: ^Gilded Arbiter: 25.00000% ^Gilded Guardian: 25.00000% ^Gilded Harbinger: 25.00000% ^Gilded Vanguard: 25.00000%