Sword - One-Handed
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Frostweaver is Legendary

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10% chance to inflict chill

Woven with ice fragments extracted from deep within the glacial cave, and imbued with a dash of magic from Santa himself, the Frostweaver is said to be the only weapon capable of truly ending the immortal life, of the monstrous beast known as Glacion.

Despite it's immense power, and energetic quickness, all those who have attempted such a feat, have failed. So much so, that Glacion has built up quite the collection, and will occasionally use them to mock Santa for his futile attempts of taking him down.

Although the Frostweaver was specifically designed to slay Glacion, if you do manage to grab a hold of one, you'd be far better off using it to combat something far less sinister. With a blade this unique and mighty, sometimes the risk, just isn't worth the reward.