Frostbite Phantom

Frostbite Phantom
Longbow - Ranged
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The tale of the Frostbite Phantom has been told for centuries. The story tells of a fearless warrior, armed with a mighty bow, saving the world from absolute destruction. This warriors name was Zana, or as others have deemed her, the goddess of frost.

Much like most tales, details tend to slowly morph over the course of time, and this one is no different. Some say that Zana summoned the bow down from the skies in godly fashion, while others insist that it was created for her, by a powerful sorcerer. Although some aspects of the story may be in dispute, there has always been one constant; the bow had unthinkable power, and helped Zana impede the forces of evil, giving humanity a fighting chance, and ultimately, victory.

Thought to be a thing of mere legend, the perfectly preserved remains of this ancient bow were recently discovered in eastern Ayorke, frozen in permafrost for what appears to be thousands of years. Scientists and engineers from around the world have quickly began working together, trying to reproduce this ancient relic, and unlock it's true power, in hopes of using it to fend off evil once again!