Frostbite Dawn

Frostbite Dawn Image

Frostbite Dawn is Mythical

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Freezes nearby enemies.

60 second cooldown.

Mirryoch was impatient, cursing her two friends that had led her on this treasure hunt.

They were in the spot marked on the map but found nothing until, after a little digging, they unearthed a large chest.

Excitedly, Mirryoch pried open the chest, the contents shrouded in frost.

As the white veil receeded, the three women saw that inside was a stack of exquisite silver amulets.

The women could not believe it.

They set up camp in the deep gorge and prepared a meal to celebrate their discovery.

Late into the night, Mirryoch noticed the amulets in the chest had started to emit a bright blue ambience with the air suddenly going cold around them.

Bitterly cold.

Mirryoch roused her friends as a sudden freeze came across their camp.

Unfortunately, the women were unable to escape quick enough as the amulets turned the entire gorge into ice!