Founder's Token

Founder's Token
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Founder's Token is Transcendent

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Discovery. It is the result of courage when delving into the unknown. It is the wonder of enlightenment when treading where none have done so before. It is the glory of being acknowledged by those who follow the path you've forged. As such, for those who were bold enough to delve into the unknown and become the foundation upon which the Forgotten Artifact's universe stands, it is with discovery, enlightenment and acknowledgement that you shall be accorded. Also, as a gesture of recognition for your courage, a sacred emblem shall be given unto you...The Founder's Token! This consecrated relic shall, as long as it remains in your possession, endow upon you benefits and rewards as the Forgotten Artifacts universe continues to expand into...the unknown!

To receive the benefits of the Founder's Token, it must be in the same wallet that is connected to your Lost Relics account. No rewards will be sent if it's in a wallet that isn't connected to a Lost Relics Account.