Firelight Falchion

Firelight Falchion
Sword - One-Handed
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Firelight Falchion is Rare

1357 of 5000 remaining

10% chance to cause Burn

Lost in a cave, surrounded by darkness, things weren't looking good for Marty Goodwin and his quest for mere survival. Being without light for days can really take a toll on a person, especially when you have no idea of your surroundings. Eventually, the mind will start to play tricks on you, and with a lack of food and water, those head games are only intensified.

Marty's outcome was looking grim, and things were only about to get worse. Feeling exhausted from a long day of searching for an exit, and expecting to relax for a bit. Marty would lay down, but as he did so, would begin to hear faint growling sounds in the distance. Thinking these audible snarls were but a figment of his imagination due to his knackered state, Marty proceeded to try and get some rest.

As the growling became louder, Marty leapt up in a defensive stance, and pulled out his trusty sword. Unable to see anything in the pitch black cave, Marty began to run aimlessly in the opposite direction of the horrendous sound, hoping to outrun it, but it was of no use. The sound was only intensifying, and whatever it was, would be near him within seconds.

In a panic, Marty began to swing his sword erratically in all directions, jabbing at the air like a man in fear for his life. Suddenly, Marty felt a force push back on his blade, followed by one of the most dreadful sounds he had ever heard. As he pulled back his sword, the cave would immediately light up, like a sun rising on the dawn of a new day. His sword had become engulfed in flames; emitting a magnificently radiant light. As he looked to the ground to see what he had struck, all that remained was a pile of smoldering ashes.

Equipped with his newfound source of illumination, Marty quickly escaped the cave, and attempted to extinguish his sword, but his attempts deemed to be ineffective. Not only did the blade appear to be in a permanent fiery state, but it's glow could not be tamed either!