Final Enmity

Final Enmity
Axe - One-Handed

Final Enmity is Mythical

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War for territory.

It is a curse upon which our forefathers have bled and with their descendants it shall continue as such.

When the Eddunil's admitted defeat and departed from the lands they had long disputed with the Stormblade wielding Atrovien's, they thought that would be the end of the senseless bloodshed.

Not wanting to take any chances, the Eddunil's commissioned the highly regarded arcanist and expert axe crafter, Mellden Sivay, to create 30 powerful, energy instilled, war axes should trouble arise again.

Trouble did rise again when the Briven's, a family allied with the Atrovien's, took offence at the Eddunil family moving into their territory.

The Briven's attacked but it was a ill advised move with the Eddunil's now wielding weapons of great mystical capacity which they used to annihilate what would be their final enemy!