Ellenay's Avail

Ellenay's Avail
Longbow - Ranged
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Ellenay's Avail is Mythical

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5% chance for Critical Hit, and +15% Critical Damage

Archery students paid greatly to be trained by the infamous Ellenay, arguably the best archer to ever live.

One of Ellenay's students, Seagor, was of exceptional skill, thinking himself to be superior to his famous teacher seeing as he had never actually seen her use a bow.

Seagor challenged Ellenay to a competition to see who could be the most accurate when given three shots at three targets.

Ellenay accepted her student's challenge, allowing him to go first.

Taking an arrow from his quiver, Seagor used his remarkable aim to get a near perfect bullseye on the target.

He did this with the next two targets as well.

Ellenay complemented Seagor and picked up one of the specially crafted bows used by the students.

Drawing three arrows from her quiver, she fired all of them at once with a single shot.

Scoring three perfect bullseyes on each of the three targets, Ellenay shattered the minds of everyone watching and the ego of one haughty student!