Edge of Lost Comrades

Edge of Lost Comrades
Sword - One-Handed
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Edge of Lost Comrades is Mythical

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10% chance to cause Freeze

With the enemy only half an hours pursuit behind them, Shoruk and his men realised they had no other choice but to trek over the frigid, Haeylon pass.

It had been many years since anyone had seen the great 'Ogandor', the colossal and vicious snow beast of the mountains but, pushing the thought to the back of his mind, Shoruk led his men forth.

Shortly afterward, they came face to face with the giant snow monster.

The men fought bravely but it was Shoruk alone who was able to survive and defeat the beast.

In Ogandor's final breath, his life essence imbued itself to Shoruk's sword in which it dwells unto this day!