Easterly Windchaser

Easterly Windchaser
Sword - Two-Handed
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Easterly Windchaser is Legendary

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10% chance to summon a tornado, on hit

Drawing it's power from winds deriving out of the east, this dazzling piece of weaponry is a force of nature, quite literally.

Harnessing wind energy isn't an easy feat, but when renowned blacksmith Owen Cassian was presented with the idea of crafting a blade capable of taming this volatile natural element, Cassian knew he could do it, and wouldn't let the opportunity pass him by.

For the next several months, Cassian would work tirelessly, forging and shaping what would eventually become his pièce de résistance. After countless failed attempts, the Easterly Windchaser had finally been perfected.

With it's aerodynamic design, impeccable sharpness, and flawless weight distribution, your enemies won't just be impressed, they'll be blown away!