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Dragonscaler is Legendary

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+10% increased ranged damage

As the sharpened arrow pierced it's heart, the crystalline dragon tumbled to the ground, it's glimmering coat shattering like a thousand sheets of fallen glass in synchronous fashion, leaving behind but a mass of lucid scales, and jubilant relief…

Those who know of the ancient tale, believe it to be true, and if it were not, how does one explain the power of the Dragonscalers? Said to be forged from the scaly hide of the ancient beast known as the Crystalline Dragon, these uniquely limited set of rings have yet to be reproduced, nor have the gems that make up it's physical composition been found anywhere throughout the known world.

Whether it's existence derives from myth, or historical accuracy, the Dragonscaler remains one of the great relics of past, granting it's wearer an immense power, that any archer would gladly kill to get their hands on!