Doomsday Cranium

Doomsday Cranium
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Doomsday Cranium is Legendary

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Summons an area of primordial energy, slowing entities within, and dealing 3200 damage over 5s

Traveling from the demonic realm of Narta, the Neralaxus would eventually find their way to the land now known as Lunaria. Great in stature and as powerful as an army, these mighty beasts sought chaos and conquer; a sole purpose of extracting the life force of all that exist.

What they did not anticipate, was for the inhabitants of this land to put up a fight, and that's exactly what they did. At the hands of the Lunarian gods, the Neralaxus would one by one fall; their decapitated heads used as a trophy and a warning, to all who dare threaten the Lunarian realm.

According to lore, these ancient skulls are said to retain a significant primordial energy of the Neralaxus, and if properly fueled, may unleash a power unlike anything ever seen before!