Doomorak Helmet

Doomorak Helmet
Armor - Helmet
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Doomorak Helmet is Epic

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Doomorak Helmet - Part of the Doomorak Armor set

Every so often, Darthrauka is met with an internal threat, disgruntled minions, looking to challenge his established authority. These lackeys are normally dealt with, in quick fashion; vanquished on sight, and in public. Warning all others who dare betray Darthrauka's will, of the inevitable consequences of their treacherous actions.

There have been times however, where more powerful forces have risen up from within, collective groups of the corrupted, looking to overthrow the almighty leader of darkness. One such group, were the Doomorak's.

A group of hardened assassins, the Doomorak's were cunning, and powerful; masters of deception, and stealth. They were done taking orders from their hooded leader, and felt they had a sure-fire plan to end his reign. But how do you kill, which is already dead? By using his own power against him, of course.

Over the next several years, the Doomorak's would secretly extract vials of essence from within Darthrauka's lair, and directly from the Fountain of the Macabre, one of Darthrauka's main sources of power. Day by day, night by night, these vials were transported to a secret location, where they would eventually be used to infuse a set of highly effective armor, that would hopefully be strong enough to take down their ruling target.

Little did they know however, Darthrauka was well aware of their intended ploy, and had another plan in mind. Poisoning his own source of power, with a deadly toxin, the Doomorak's had no idea, that donning the potent armor, would be their very downfall.

As the time came, the Doomorak's prepared to execute their final objective, but they wouldn't get too far. Suited up, and ready for battle, the once-skilled assassins, began to spontaneously combust, disintegrating into mere dust; lifeless armor crashing to the ground.

Their plan may have been foiled, but it is said that their formidable creation, still remains, and according to rumors... in far less fatal form!