Dark Torment

Dark Torment
Mace - Two-Handed
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Dark Torment is Legendary

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10% chance to perform an aoe attack, and stun your enemies

Notably wielded by the infamous being known as Conqueron, along with his top generals, this almighty mace of destruction, is truly a weapon of unrelenting chaos.

Dark, forceful, and hefty, this earthshattering instrument of war, can be credited with the fall of many nations, including the kingdom of Anavia, where these all-powerful, world wreckers, would eventually meet their end. Although victorious in battle, Conqueron's army had not faired so well, shattering their mighty maces in the thralls of battle, and burying them amongst the rubble, leaving behind but one, clenched in the hands of their triumphant, undead commander.

According to legend however, a Dark Torment can never truly be destroyed, for as long as darkness exists, the essence of night shall flow through it, awaiting the beckoning call of it's master. Of course, if Conqueron had known this at the time, he would not have spent the last 3000 years, scouring all of known existence, for their lost, fallen fragments.

Let's hope he doesn't complete his mission...