Darksour Proctail

Darksour Proctail
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Darksour Proctail is Rare

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Lose 30% movement speed, and gain +50% attack damage for 60 seconds (1 use)

When it comes to perfecting a world-renowned beverage, a person of extreme patience and expertise, is often required. Hundreds of hours must poured into these designs, in order to achieve the correct flavor, and consistency.

The Darksour Proctail was no different. Having spent years tweaking it's unique flavor structure, the former bartender of Talmuth tavern, finally felt as though he had a winner on his hands; a fabulous drink, destined for greatness.

The problem was, the tavern was about to enter into a period of new management, and his services, would no longer be required. Rather than be petty about the unfortunate circumstance, the former barkeep decided to leave behind his successor, with his most prized possession, the recipe to his newly completed mixture.

Sacked from his job, after achieving his dream, with no way of showcasing his product to the masses, yet is willing to hand over his creation, to his replacement? Something doesn't feel right...