Dark Scourge

Dark Scourge
Axe - Two-Handed
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Dark Scourge is Transcendent

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When Sillduin the Dark set his mind to taking hold of the land's of Essimrey, he knew that he would need an army to manifest his will.

Awakening 1000 skeletal warriors from the great Norkast crypts, he took a small number of them and bound them with a malicious force that took a shadowy form.

Sillduin then instilled upon these select skeletons a deep rage to destroy all that would stand before them and set them as chiefs over the skeletal horde.

Finally, he armed them with supreme dark axes bound in the same undulating shadow that surrounded the chiefs.

This army proved very difficult for the warriors of Essimrey to overcome but, after many lengthy battles, the skeleton army of Sillduin was defeated.

It is said that some of these shadow bound skeletons can still be encountered in the dark places of the world...