Darkheart Medallion

Darkheart Medallion
Necklace - Medallion
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Darkheart Medallion is Mythical

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+25% more melee damage when health is below 50%

Discovered deep in the jungle, off the coast of Indimar, the Darkheart Medallion is a cherished posession among the local Makah tribe, who have been guarding it for over a century. As the story goes, he who dares wear the medallion, whilst not of pure heart, shall be cursed.

The founder of the Makah tribe, Clayton Marsh, discovered this the hard way. Whilst out on an expedition in search of new land, Marsh spotted the medallion nestled inside an odd looking rock formation, and before reading the text inscribed on the ancient medallion, decided he should try it on. This was a big mistake. As Marsh wrapped the medallion around his neck, he became enraged, and began attacking his fellow tribemates, swiftly, and ferociously. Marsh was clearly possessed, and could not be reasoned with. Attempting to remove this medallion from around Marsh's neck wasn't an option, as he was far too powerful. The tribe had no other option but to pierce an arrow through his heart, in order to end the madness, and they did just that.

After that fateful day, the Makah tribe vowed to protect the medallion with their lives, in which to avoid an occurrence like that ever taking place again.