Count Brahg's Night Blade

Count Brahg's Night Blade
Sword - One-Handed
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Count Brahg's Night Blade is Legendary

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+10% attack speed

With times being hard after a poor harvest, Count Brahg sent his son and servants on a journey north to bring back food stores.

When word of the elderly count's solitude spread, an opportunistic thief came to the count's home one night and stole some valuable wares.

The count dismissed it as a one off occurrence until it happened again the next night.

On the third night, the Count waited in the darkness with some Night Blade throwing daggers.

Hours had passed before someone finally entered through the front door.

The count swiftly threw his dagger and it was only when his servants came into the entrance with candles that the count realised it was not the thief he had slain, but his only son who had just walked through the door...