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Cocoasticks is Rare

Unlimited supply

Instantly restores +400 health, but poisons you for -100 health over 10 seconds (3 uses)

Do you know that feeling you get, after you've consumed a mouthwatering, dry-aged ribeye, with a side of heavenly roasted sweet potatoes, topped off with a succulent, green sriracha drizzle? Yeah, this is nothing like that, these are carrots dipped in chocolate, and they are about as disgusting as one might imagine.

As is the case with most customary foods, taste will very often take a back seat to simply preserving the traditions themselves, and with Cocoasticks, this is exactly one of those occasions.

For centuries, the people of Talmuth have been consuming these unappetizing snacks, not for pleasure, but in hopes of bringing on good fortune for years to come. As superstitious as this may sound, the people of Talmuth stand by it, and wouldn't dare cease their odd Easter tradition.