Cavalier Crusader

Cavalier Crusader
Sword - One-Handed
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Cavalier Crusader is Epic

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10% chance to block attack

Having terrorized much of the known world via oceanic warfare, Captain Moonscar built up the reputation of being an unrelenting force in his quest for complete dominion over the shores in which he pursued.

Conquering both land and sea for decades, with very little opposition, Moonscar ultimately met his first true test of resistance, in the form of the 1st Infantry division of the Evanbrook army, on one late summers eve.

Arriving on the shores of Bhrim, and expecting the usual pillage and plunder to commence, Moonscar and his crew were instead ambushed by the infantry of Evanbrook, who, along with the people of Bhrim, had been anticipating their arrival. Outmanned and faced with an arsenal of lavish swords unlike anything he had ever seen before, Moonscar quickly found out that the Cavalier Crusader was far from a standard blade, inevitably forcing the captain to retreat into the night, with his fleet in tow.