Calamity of the Crows

Calamity of the Crows
Shortbow - Ranged
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Calamity of the Crows is Legendary

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10% chance to cause Shock

Ever been woken up by the sound of a pack of crows mourning one of their dead? Trevan Om'bris has.

Trevan could not believe the din from his roof that morning and went outside to see what the noise was about.

After throwing a few stones at them, the crows flapped off in irritation.

Filled with spite over this rude interruption of paying respects to one of their fallen friends upon the rooftop, the crows came back the next morning.

Trevan shooed them off again.

After the 4th morning of this same occurrence, Trevan borrowed a bow from a local enchanter and waited outside for the crows before dawn.

Many more of the crows had to be mourned for after Trevan killed a handful of them!