Shortbow - Ranged
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A legendary shortbow, wielded by none other than Cyrus Stryder, sworn defender of light, and former nemesis to Conqueron, and his army of undead, skeletal warriors.

Having skillfully forged this powerful bow, from the remains of his fallen foes, Cyrus would go on to rack up more than 100,000 confirmed Slenderbone kills, in a matter of decades. Come hell or high water, he was not going to let them win.

As you can imagine, this was starting to become a serious problem for Conqueron. How can one advance their evil objectives, when everywhere you go, a skilled bowman, lies in wait, ready to rain on your parade?

Best course of action when attempting to eliminate a threat? Catch them off guard, of course! As Stryder ended his day of combat, he would proceed to enjoy a relaxing swim in the ocean; terrible idea. Unbeknownst to him, the legendary sea creature known as Metakrawkus, was patiently awaiting his presence. Needless to say, the only swimming routine that he performed that day, was the death stroke.

Although Cryus is no longer with us, he is survived by his two children, who have made it their life's mission, to carry on his legacy, and destroy these undead beasts, once and for all.