Blue Gram

Blue Gram
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Blue Gram is Legendary

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Use once to place a Gram, use again to teleport back to the Gram.

Consumes Energy relative to the distance travelled.

Growing sick of all the walking to-and-fro on the grounds of his own college, the ever-busy Sentinel Erridrus decided it was high time that he created something to make his daily traversing easier to accomplish.

So he invented Blue Grams.

Nifty little talisman', the Sentinel created them to teleport a user from one place to another providing both places had the gram present.

The Sentinel would leave one in a certain location in the college and simply use a second one to transport back to the first one as he desired.

Despite the convenience this presents, some users have complained of feeling fatigued after using Blue Grams so it is advised that you employ them with caution!