Blissful Tribute

Blissful Tribute
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Blissful Tribute is Epic

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Consume all energy, double your remaining health (2 uses)

Upon hearing rumors of a great power buried deep below the Elkin Sea, a local group of fisherman from the Jhorth region, set out on an expedition to locate it's exact whereabouts, in hopes of reeling in ultimate fortune.

Day and night, the crew spent searching, and after several harrowing weeks, they had finally achieved their goal. As the ancient casket was pulled out of the water, and lowered onto the deck, the crew gathered around to witness the unveiling of what lay inside, but to no surprise, the chest was locked.

Rather than requiring a key to open, the box appeared to be sealed with a mysterious mechanical puzzle. As the captain of the ship knelt to the ground, he began his attempt to gain entry, but doing so would be a mistake.

What the fisherman didn't know, is that this ancient relic was never meant to be found, and because of this, it was sealed with care. As the captain slid the final piece into place, and lifted the lid, he unknowingly triggered a trap, unleashing a blast of energy that would prove fatal for he and his crew, and scattering the chests contents across the open sea.