Blank Papyrus Scroll

Blank Papyrus Scroll
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Blank Papyrus Scroll is Uncommon

Unlimited supply

Flourishing under moist and warm environments, the desert region of Vemmin is the only climate capable of producing the papyrus plant, and ultimately, papyrus scrolls.

With centuries spent perfecting the process of creation, the population of Vemmin knows what it takes to produce a good Blank Papyrus Scroll. However, this task is rather tedious, and often requires a full week for a single scroll to cure. Due to this long and drawn-out process, very few of these scrolls are constructed each year, thus making them highly sought after on the open market.

With the ability to easily be imbued with powerful magic, and retain enchantments for long periods of time, it's no wonder that everybody is looking to get their hands on one of these.