Band of Brutality

Band of Brutality
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Band of Brutality is Legendary

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5% melee attack speed, 5% melee damage, 5% movement speed

'Brutalization of thine enemy may emerge in many forms, whilst not through the divine act of goodwill' - Talmuthian philospher, Wilburn Leon, is most known for these very words, yet few people know of it's true meaning.

During his younger years, Leon was a blacksmith, but in the town of Talmuth, competition was immense, and despite his high degree of skill, Leon would often go months without a single customer. Leon had a decision to make, continue to compete with the other blacksmiths, or separate from the pack, and develop a product that nobody else would ever be able to replicate.

Leon chose the latter.

Over the course of the next decade, Leon would focus all of his attention on developing a singular item that would showcase his skill, as well as help to provide for his family. The Band of Brutality ended up being a hit amongst the Talmuthian population, as well as neighboring towns, and propelled Leon to great success. This extraordinary triumph resulted in the downfall of many local blacksmiths, yet led to expansion of the Leon business, where many jobs were provided to those who had lost work, as a result.

Although Wilburn Leon is long since retired, the Leon brand continues on to this day, and their forged creations can now be found all over the world.