Badge of Blight

Badge of Blight
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Badge of Blight is Rare

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Creates a cloud of blight for 7 seconds that causes decay for 2 seconds (4 uses)

'Oh how the mighty fall, as youth is exiled from ones soul'

Great quotes normally come from incredible individuals. This one? Not so much. Grumpy old wizard, and frequent resident to a jail cell, Gilbert Pommel has become notorious for getting himself into trouble, especially now that he's a little long in the tooth. Despite his lack of self-control, and respectability, Gilbert does possess great skills in the art of magic. His results may be a little unstable, but the ingenuity of his work is very apparent.

Trying to teach some bratty kids about the disadvantages of an advanced age, Gilbert created the Badge Of Blight. With the ability to mimic the effects of old age on an enemy, this pendant is as dangerous as one might imagine.

Looking to avoid further jail time, Gilbert did not test this invention on the kids, instead, he built a cage, and summoned an Ogum within it's walls. After several swings of his sword, the effects of the badge began to take action. The children were amazed as the Ogum's movements became slower, and slower before their very eyes. They were less surprised when the pendant began to backfire, and inflict Gilbert himself!