Ayorke Amulet

Ayorke Amulet
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Hailing from the alluring island of Ayorke, this amulet was a fashionable adornment in the last century and was typically worn by upper-class individuals who could afford to buy an item made from white silver.

With the city of Garm being the capital of Ayorke, it wasn't long before the amulet was dubbed the 'Garm Charm' by foreigners, especially those of lesser means who thought that anyone who wore an item made of white silver was 'fancy'.

It was by means of this condescending jeering that eventually caused the Ayorke Amulet to diminish in popularity, especially with the younger generation.

In the present day, however, the 'Garm Charm' is exceptionally popular since one can be sold for the equivalent of what most people would earn in two years of common employment!