Arkor's Ring of Revenge

Arkor's Ring of Revenge
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Arkor's Ring of Revenge is Mythical

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Leeches up to +100 health from nearby monsters in line of sight, up to 10000 health

In the 4th aeon, none were as reviled as the conjurer, Arkor the cold.

After committing heinous crimes in the name of 'abstruse discovery of the arcane', a gallery of 100 people in the hall of judgement successfully petitioned for his imprisonment.

After a year had passed, Arkor seized an opportunity to escape captivity and immediately sought revenge.

Devising a plan, he set about making crude rings and pervaded them with a malicious black aura, sending them to each of the members of the gallery.

Strangely, only some of those who received the rings succumbed, painfully, to the ring's mysterious, dark power, while the others seemed, oddly enough, to absorb it!