Arkhire Flame Nebulite

Arkhire Flame Nebulite
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Situated in Evanbrook near the border of Arkhire, the White Rock mines are famous for extracting Emaphyst, a rosy-hued gemstone that has been considered a precious commodity since ancient times.

Only a days travel across the border into Arkhire is a smaller and lesser-known mine in the Kinmold mountain range named 'Rusalt Rut'.

Unlike the more famous White Rock mines, Rusalt does not procure Emaphyst but instead is one of only three locations that produce 'Nebulite', a gemstone that varies greatly in colouration depending on the geological conditions in which it formed.

Being super sensitive to these conditions, it is not uncommon to find colour differing articles of Nebulite within close proximity of each other.

Named after its amber colour, this variety of the gem is called 'Flame Nebulite'.