Antipoison Potion

Antipoison Potion
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Antipoison Potion is Uncommon

Unlimited supply

Instantly cures poison, and reduces poison damage by 100% for 10 minutes (1 use)

Looking for a way to subdue those pesky poisons without having to rely on your body's natural immune system? Look no further than the Antipoison Potion!

With just a single swig of this potent potion, you'll be able to shrug off even the most toxic substances with ease, leaving you free to explore toxic swamps, take on giant snakes, or even taste test the latest deadly delicacy.

And the best part? No unsightly rashes or painful convulsions to worry about! Just pure, unadulterated poison resistance that will leave you feeling near invincible. So go ahead, take that bite of the venomous apple, or drink from that bubbling cauldron of toxic waste. With the Antipoison Potion by your side, you're unstoppable!